Dean Kosage – Channeling Creativity through Business

Creativity is an asset that has arguably been overlooked by many businesses in the past. Having employees or leaders who can harness the power of creative thinking can be a sure fire way to differentiate one’s business from the competition and ensure success. One man who has managed to channel his inner artist is Dean Kosage. Known by millions for his inspirational and comedic keynote speeches to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople, he himself has also seen wild success in the business arena.

Kosage would probably credit his creative instinct to his time spent playing in bands during his younger years. With a natural gift for public performing, Kosage has been able to channel his artistic talent into helping grow businesses and providing people with the opportunities to become the best possible versions of themselves. Kosage has always relished the opportunity to attract large audiences, and with admirable rhetoric and an articulate tongue, he can be a captivating speaker on any subject he puts his mind to.

Most recently, Dean Kosage has been able to use his skills as a fine raconteur, communicating his story to the public. Kosage’s career has given him a wealth of experience in various industries, and he has had to overcome a number of financial and emotional hurdles along the way. These experiences provided a wealth of material for Kosage, who recently co-edited the best-selling book Defining Moments. This book is a collection of short stories penned by young aspiring entrepreneurs as well as company executives, who recount tales of difficulty in their careers, and short anecdotes on times of adversity. The aim of the book is to quite simply awaken the courage that lies within us all.

The book received hugely positive reviews, and is considered by many as one of the most inspirational books to have been released in the past decade.


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