Dean Kosage, The Impact of Social Programming

Social programming is the process by which concepts and beliefs of the society in which we live are ingrained into our psyche. These ideas are often given to us by figures of authority such as our parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, and outside authorities such as politicians. The power of social programming is that it preserves knowledge across generations and teaches children the cultural trends that their society wants to perpetuate. Unfortunately, social programming can be just as restrictive as it can be beneficial. Compounding this problem is the issue that social programming is not an overt action. We do not attend school in order to be socially programmed. Rather, we learn these lessons through social interactions with our peers and adults, through consuming information and entertainment such as books, television, or listening to music on the radio. It is a subtle process that has a profound impact on our development as individuals and our eventual happiness as adults.

Parents have an especially significant impact on our social programming. This is why family generations can be largely grouped together by their successes or failures. We understand concepts such as professional or political families because these individuals grow up in a social circle that places value on their professional success. There are just as many families whose misfortune has been perpetuated from one generation to the other. And yet, we don’t always have to be a product of our social programming. In fact, recognizing the impact that social programming has on our lives is a crucial step in taking control of the individual we want to become and the life we want to lead.

Case in point, accomplished entrepreneur Dean Kosage wasn’t supported by a  professionally-driven family. He was raised by his single mother on boats off the coast of Florida, barely making a living. This start in life is quite the contrast to Dean’s life now as one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the US. As he said in a recent interview with the Unmistakable Creative: “Anyone who has broken out of their social circle…you can tap into your inner authority. Maybe you’re outgrowing the culture of your church, mentor, etc., you have to sit back and think, is this creating dependency or creating wings to help me fly away?” For Dean, realizing that he needed to direct his own life’s course helped him break free from this social programming and become the industry leader that he is today.


Dean Kosage, The Moments That Shape Us

There are times in everyone’s lives when we are faced with the decision to give up or to dig deep, find strength, and move on with our lives. How we handle these situations says a lot about who we are as individuals. It also says a lot about what resources we have at our disposal, and finding relationships and sources of inspiration in outside sources is often as important as looking for strength in ourselves. When we feel as if we have exhausted all of our energy, all of our cleverness, and all of our patience, it helps to turn to friends, family, social media, or books in order to become inspired.

Defining Moments of Courage is a book about Dean Kosage and other business professionals who faced challenges in their personal lives and ultimately came out on top. There are stories from high-level executives as well as stay at home parents, and the publication serves as a source of inspiration for anyone who is going through a hard time in life. The point is, it is easy to think that we are alone in our struggles. But with the rise of social media, publication, and other technology, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Often, making it through a difficult time is simply a matter of turning to your support groups and waiting out the rough waters.


Dean Kosage, Parenting Means Business

Being a father is tough work. There is little gratitude and yet you are expected to sacrifice nearly all of the freedoms you might have enjoyed before you were a parent. However, the rewards are so great that there is really no comparison to the joy you feel of raising a child. It is difficult, particularly for fathers, to strike the right work-life balance between your professional career and life at home. Many fathers are overly absent. Others sacrifice their career ambitions for fear of somehow neglecting their children. Still there are others who refuse to compromise between their personal and professional goals.

If you’ve heard about Dean Kosage it’s probably through one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors, public speaking appearances, or professional life coaching business. However, he is also a contributing author to the book If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn: 35 Fathers Share the Most Important Gifts They Gave Their Children. This book stands as a benchmark for all dads balancing their personal and professional lives. It is a collection of essays from CEOs, sports superstars, Grammy musicians, and millionaires about the ups and downs of raising a child as a working father. The book is interesting for anyone who is dealing with a situation in which they must pursue both their career and family ambitions.


Dean Kosage, Balancing Work and Home for Success

Being successful in life is all about finding the right balance. Traditionally, being successful meant having a great job, house and family. And actually, even today, the same vision prevails. However, what is no longer so clearly defined is what exactly it means to have a “great” house, family, or general lifestyle. Modernity is about creating the life that best suits you and your family and a number of the most successful individuals of our time are those who have branched out from what would traditionally be considered the norm and focused instead on creating new and enterprising opportunities for themselves and others. Dean Kosage is a successful, single entrepreneur who has built a life and career for himself by standing out from the crowd and pursuing the best opportunities without hesitation.

Finding the Sweet Spot in Life

For Dean Kosage, how to be successful as a businessman and single father is all about not settling for second best. One mistake that many single parents make when it comes to their career is that they compromise. They think that they can only be a great parent by sacrificing their professional ambitions. While Dean Kosage, when faced with the daunting task of becoming a single parent and managing his career ambitions, refused to compromise on what he wanted out of life. He reached early success in life through direct sales and creative marketing strategies. Despite this booming career, he knew that he would never let anything stand in the way of being the best father possible.

Dean Kosage thus decided that the first step towards achieving balance and success in both the personal and professional domain, would be to homeschool his daughter. This allowed him to continue living the largely mobile life that had helped build his career, while also give him the time and opportunity he needed to make sure his daughter had the attention and love she deserved at such a critical age. In only a few short years following his divorce, Dean and his daughter were on stage together accepting an award for his professional contributions to his industry in front of thousands of other business professionals. This proved his ability to balance both worlds and come out on top.

For Dean Kosage, environment as the first step towards success is something he always keeps in the back of his mind. As an expert in networking, he has remained committed to surrounding himself with the most creative and motivated professionals he can find. In doing so, he has had some influence in the future prosperity of every industry he has been a part of.


Dean Kosage – The Power of Inspirational Speaking

A capacity for public speaking is one of the most sought-after skills in almost every industry in the world. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to clearly articulate themselves and explain their ideas, let alone do so in front of a large audience. Professional speakers employ personality strengths such as humor, intelligence, or passion in order to inspire others. It is certainly difficult to motivate or move people, using only one’s words. However, for entrepreneur and professional life coach Dean Kosage, not only is this skill something he uses every day, it is also a skill he has employed to build his career. Kosage is one of the best-known figures on the multi-level marketing circuits, and has inspired millions with his business successes, as well as his life-affirming personal story.

Reaching Millions

According to the Dean Kosage, “The Power of Public Speaking” presentation on SlideShare, a source for his strength as a public speaker comes from his artistic background. As an actor, musician, and all-around performer, attracting and entertaining large audiences comes naturally to Kosage, who moreover easily applies these skills in the business world. Nothing is more rewarding for him than seeing that his speech has inspired others to take control of their lives and push themselves forward on their journey to greatness. It is for this reason among others that Dean Kosage has remained one of the most prolific, respected, and sought-after entrepreneurs in the industry.

Sharing his story as a successful solo entrepreneur is still a passion for Dean Kosage. He has gone so far as to publish his story in the book, Defining Moments of Courage. The book comprises of a collection of stories from successful professionals, Dean included, who talk about the moments that shaped their career paths. It quickly reached the Amazon Best seller list and has inspired countless people around the world since.

According to videos about Dean Kosage on Vimeo, one of his most recent means for helping entrepreneurs achieve lift-off is through his company Zooplr Inc. Zooplr is a breakthrough mobile app that brings chat, blogging, and eLearning together for the first time. As a gamified search and discovery company, Zooplr helps entrepreneurs and other brilliant minds educate and redefine communication through smart phones. Committed to helping others find greatness, Dean Kosage has now taken on the tech industry in order to help millions of individuals and businesses around the world.


Dean Kosage, One Eye on the Future : Overcoming Adversity

Dean Kosage has spent decades achieving entrepreneurial success through a variety of professional endeavors, including network marketing companies such as Amway and his own business, Freestyle. He is also an extremely involved single father.

The name Dean Kosage is one that is synonymous with an inspiring story of fighting against the odds to become one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs today. Learning the value of independence and self-motivation at a young age, Kosage’s career began when a turbulent home life motivated him to move out on his own and buy a small burger bar in Florida when he was just a teenager. Running the restaurant taught Kosage several important lessons about business, but most importantly, it made him realize his ability to be a leader.

In college, Dean Kosage’s uncanny ability to connect with people from all walks of life became one of the most important skills he developed during his studies, and what would eventually become the foundation of his teachings in his life coaching business, Freestyle. One day he met Mark Boyson, a Navy officer and lawyer. Boyson became somewhat of a father figure to Kosage, mentoring him and taking him to motivational speeches about life and success. For the next two years, Dean Kosage focused on his own personal and professional growth, and began building his own networking company.

Dean Kosage was moving in the right direction, eventually becoming one of the most successful MLM leaders in the world at Amway. However, because of pressures from third parties, Mr. Kosage ended up marrying, having a child, and divorcing all in a span of only two years. The pain and emotional hardship that the divorce caused were eerily reminiscent of Mr. Kosage’s own childhood. Growing up away from his father, Mr. Kosage grew up under his mother’s care, living a wild and vagabond lifestyle that was exciting, but far from stable. Mr. Kosage’s mother divorced two times, which had a huge impact on him.


A Dedication to Fatherhood

But like he has always done, Dean Kosage chose to step up to the challenge and fully commit himself to his role as a single parent, making sure that his daughter, Teagan, grows up with all of the love and care he has to offer. For Kosage, nothing is greater than seeing the smile on her face as she splashes in the waves of the ocean, or sings on stage like a rock star. Despite the fact that his career was taking off during the first few years of her life, Kosage has been continuously active in his daughter’s life, acting as her teacher, father, and friend. Dean Kosage’s experience exemplifies the importance of balance, and teaches others not to forget what is most important in life.


Welcome To Zooplr!

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Dean Kosage – Leader of the Pack

Dean Kosage

In every industry he’s worked in, Dean Kosage has been able to make his presence felt. Kosage started out working in network marketing at a young age, and by the age of 23 he had already established himself as one of the finest keynote speakers in the industry, regularly addressing audiences of up to 30,000 people. Kosage’s knack for being able to entertain, persuade and inspire proved to be a powerful combination, and enabled him to become a self-made millionaire by the age of 25. It was following a rather sad time in his life, however, that Kosage was really cast into the spotlight. Following a traumatic divorce in his mid-twenties, Kosage was left to raise his daughter alone whilst also trying to tend business interests and continue to be the breadwinner. Kosage managed to use this experience to inspire millions of people who had also felt the difficulties of being in a similar position. This raised his profile and made Kosage one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry.

Nowadays, Kosage likes to focus his entrepreneurial spirit on the technology industry; he has set-up and developed a number of exciting and innovate enterprises that have already turned the heads of many large corporations. Zooplr is one of his companies that have been particularly successful. Their mission was simpleto reach out to business leaders and provide them with tools to better interact, grow, and prosper with their tribes. The products Zooplr have developed have proven to be hugely popular, and have turned Kosage once again into an inspirational figure in the industry in which he now operates. Dean Kosage has been invited to share his wealth of knowledge and experience on a variety of forums and conferences. Recently Kosage was asked to become a panelist on a committee discussing “The Fusion of Business and Devices: How the future of Mobile, Apps, Software, and community has been changed by the marriage of business and devices.” Using his refined public speaking skills and tech-savvy mind, Kosage has been able to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to follow a similar path to success. Keep your eyes peeled for Kosage and his future enterprises.


Dean Kosage – How to Make A Mark in the Competitive Tech Industry

While financial gain is one of the key reasons anybody enters business and commerce, or tries their hand at an entrepreneurial venture, the altruistic implications of such ventures are often overlooked. Many business people try to use their skills to not only generate a comfortable lifestyle for themselves, but made a greater contribution to the world they live in. Dean Kosage has always had altruistic tendencies during his professional career. Though Kosage built a reputation in his twenties as a savvy-entrepreneur in the network marketing industry, it was actually more the performance side of the job in which he gained most of his satisfaction. Being able to relate his experiences, and speak to large audiences and inspire them to be the best they possibly can was the most rewarding part of Kosage’s work. By the age of 23 Kosage already had proven how competent he was at addressing and inspiring crowds exceeding 30,000; his background as a musical performer gave him the natural stage presence that many can only dream of, and helped make him one of the most sought-after and compelling public speakers on the circuit.

Since leaving the network marketing industry, Kosage has tried his hand at developing some of the most innovate tech companies on the scene. Kosage says he has always had a fascination with the way technology is utilized to help transform people’s lives for the better, and has for a long time looked forward to getting involved in this process himself. Kosage’s successful company Zooplr looked to do just that, and aimed to revolutionize the way in which communities and networks grow, interact and prosper. Zooplr had a particular focus on providing business leaders with the tools they needed to better interact with their “tribes” as he likes to call them, and allow them to disseminate knowledge more freely using electronic devices.

Despite his relatively short time working in the tech industry, Kosage has already made a name for himself as a charismatic contributor to discussions on the future of business logistics and tech solutions. Dean Kosage was recently asked to join a panel of experts to discuss “The Fusion of Business and Devices: How the future of Mobile, Apps, Software, and community has been changed by the marriage of business and devices.” Zooplr has gone some way in providing answers to such questions, and the tech-industry will hope that Kosage can continue to use his skills in the market.